Skyline of Norfolk, VA

Norfolk VA Staffing

“Thou shalt grow.”

Norfolk, VA has made the list of America’s Top 100 Most resilient cities. It survived almost being destroyed in the American Revolution, being burnt down in the Civil War, and flooded repeatedly. This is a region that has perfected the art of preparedness and response and recovery.

With Norfolk being along the beach, there is a lot of focus on shipping and receiving and building boats, in addition to having one of the largest naval bases in the world. At SL Staffing, we can assist in placing highly qualified individuals in positions within your company.

Norfolk is also an area where many goods are produced, such as military and law enforcement equipment, seafood, fertilizer and textiles. We understand the importance of a highly trained and knowledgeable staff; particularly in skilled trades.

SL Staffing can act as an extension of your HR department and save you the time it takes in order to find the right candidates for your positions. If you’re interested in freeing up your schedule, contact SL Staffing today for a free quote.