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A local government is the backbone of its community, and as such, it requires qualified and passionate individuals to provide the highest quality of public service. At SL Staffing we work to find exceptional talent that suits your municipality’s culture, priorities, and needs.

Why your local government needs SL Staffing

In today’s economy, local governments are forced to operate with scarce resources. When your community needs quality schools, roads, parks, and gardens, the last thing your office wants to allocate taxpayer dollars to is its own staff. With so many governments operating on a tight budget, more and more municipalities are turning to staffing agencies to fill vacant positions. With temporary staffing, governments can stabilize unnecessary costs and minimize the risks of employment that may not work out. For more permanent positions, a staffing agency can provide top-quality screening that will identify the most qualified candidate.

Our process for selecting the perfect candidate:

All staffing is challenging. Municipality staffing, however, presents the additional challenge of finding candidates who are politically correct, polite, and capable of self-moderation even when faced with highly charged political issues. Though not politicians themselves, all staff in a government office must behave according to high standards of politeness and decorum. To do otherwise reflects badly on your office, your administration, and your community. Even a phone receptionist or administrative staff member can potentially damage your relationship with your community if he or she cannot behave according to professional standards at all times.

At SL Staffing, we understand how these needs differ from other types of staffing and work to accommodate them. We do this by performing thorough, rigorous vetting and background checks that even examine a subject’s social media history for problematic behavior. We listen closely to your description of your ideal candidate, and invest time in understanding your municipality’s work culture, values, and priorities. When screening for candidates, we place a high emphasis on leadership strengths, past accomplishments, and volunteer work. This allows us to select an individual who has already demonstrated a proven passion for his or her community.

We provide municipality staffing solutions for a variety of levels and departments, including:  

Contact us today, and we’ll begin working to select a candidate that will serve your community with pride and professionalism.

Are you a government staffing candidate?

If you’re an individual with a passion for public services, submit an application today to be considered for one of our many available positions. Our recruiters will connect you with a position that perfectly suits your skills and interests, while providing our clients with the talent they need. Check out our job seeker page for more details.