Manmanufacturing staffingufacturing Staffing

In our fast-paced, consumer-driven culture, there is an enormous demand for individuals who can assist in the production of goods, machinery, and infrastructure. From general labor and assembly, to highly skilled technical trades, we are committed to matching qualified professionals to a wide range of manufacturing jobs.

The manufacturing sector is vast and diverse.

That is why our process of screening and selection is customized according to the requirements of the specific area of manufacturing we are serving.

Mechanical assemblers generally work on assembly lines, using machinery and hand tools to assemble and package products. They may also code or label boxes for tracking and inventory purposes. We screen for candidates who have strong hand-eye coordination, good manual dexterity, and meticulous detail orientation. Candidates also need to be in good physical shape, as they may be required to lift up to 50 pounds on a daily basis. Finally, we look for candidates who are capable of accurately understanding and obeying detailed processes and procedures. This ensures that there your organization will achieve product consistency and maintain a safe work environment.

General laborers are most often tasked with loading and delivering materials and products to their correct storage areas. They may also be responsible for erecting, dissembling, and moving equipment in a wide variety of industries. We look for candidates who are responsible, able and willing to obey safety procedures, and who possess the physical strength and stamina required for the job.

Technicians can be responsible for either general maintenance tasks, such as painting and plumbing, or highly specialized technical areas, such as hydraulics, medical equipment, and instrumentation controls. Automotive technicians are responsible for inspecting motors and automotive parts in order to locate, replace, and repair defective components. We look for candidates who are highly logistical, detail-oriented, and analytical. We also ensure that all candidates possess the necessary state licensing and credentials to be considered for each position.  

In addition to these positions, we also provide staffing solutions for the following industries:  

  • Automotive Production
  • Brewing
  • Canning
  • Clothing Manufacturing
  • Dairy Processing
  • Fish Processing
  • Flour and Wheat Milling
  • Food and Beverage Production
  • Furniture Production
  • Light Industrial Services
  • Loading/Shipping
  • Lumber Milling
  • Metal Processing
  • Miscellaneous Industrial Manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Paper Milling
  • Pickling
  • Plant Management
  • Plastics Manufacturing
  • Printing
  • Public Utilities
  • Railway Manufacturing
  • Rubber Manufacturing
  • Steel Production
  • Textile Manufacturing
  • Tool Production
  • Motor Vehicle Assembly
  • Wine Production and Bottling
  • Quality Control

Regardless of your industry’s specific needs, our basic process is the same: listen carefully to your description of your ideal candidate, gain an understanding of your industry, and develop a reliable long-term relationship with you and your organization. For help with manufacturing staffing, call us today.

Are you looking for a manufacturing job?

There is no shortage of manufacturing positions in our high-production economy, and our clients are looking for people like you. If you possess the skills and experience to succeed in one of the above industries, submit an application with us today.