5 Tips to Turn a Temporary Position into a Permanent One

Many companies offer temporary positions for entry-level jobs. If you are unemployed, a temporary job can bring you the income you need. Still, what happens once that assignment is over? You are back to job searching. Though some temporary positions are open to fill in for a specific person who will be coming back, such as a parent on maternity leave, many temporary positions have the opportunity to turn into permanent ones if you make a good impression.

One-third of temporary workers are offered permanent positions. Here are five ways to increase your chances of getting hired permanently. 

Work Hard

Supervisors love to see employees doing their best in their roles. If your to-do list is short on any given day, ask your supervisor what they would like you to accomplish or work on. When you complete a task, especially a large one, inform your supervisor so that they know you are contributing to the business. Ask for feedback on your work, and don’t express offense if it is not positive. Failures are lessons for improvement.

Make sure to show up on-time. Being on-time in the workplace doesn’t mean you pull into the parking lot at 9 am: you should be at your desk, station, or whichever place on the job site you are expected to be at to start work promptly. Depending on your responsibilities outside of work, offering to work overtime or take on extra tasks can be beneficial.

Educate yourself

Educating yourself on the company’s business and how your role fits into it is an essential way to improve your performance in the eyes of your supervisor. Become an expert in their industry so that you can have well-informed conversations with your boss and co-workers when industry trends come up. Know the company’s history, who the leaders are, and what their goals are in the present and future.

Fit In

Though you shouldn’t attempt to be a clone, adapting to “company culture” is a valuable way for people to see that you belong there. Supervisors appreciate knowing that their employees enjoy their jobs and come to work for more than just a paycheck. 

Dress to impress. Make sure you meet if not exceed the dress code and consider how other employees dress. If they are dressing nicer than you, try to match what they are wearing, though without wearing identical outfits. 

Develop Strong Relationships

Developing strong professional relationships with your co-workers and supervisors will boost your worth as an employee in their eyes. Being able to get along and have good chemistry in the team can make your co-workers and supervisor believe that you can be a good fit for the organization long-term. 

Express Your Interest

Do you really want this job? You can’t count on being asked to stay. Instead, be proactive and tell your supervisor that you would love the opportunity to work there permanently; explain why you would be an asset to their organization. If you are unable to turn your specific assignment into a permanent one, see if there are different positions in the company for which you can apply. If the company doesn’t have permanent positions to offer, a supervisor that you have a good reputation with can be an excellent reference for future jobs at other businesses. 

In Conclusion

Many say that you should consider a temporary position to be one long job interview. Demonstrating yourself as an excellent employee and expressing interest in the job are the best ways to turn a temporary position into a permanent one.

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