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Re-Staffing Your Workforce After COVID-19

Many businesses who have had to layoff, furlough, or otherwise reduce their workforce with causes related to COVID-19, the coronavirus, may be asking, “What happens when this is over?” Though these reductions have been meant to be temporary, many workers are having to find alternative employment and may be working in other jobs when your business is ready to bring them back.

We have continued to support essential businesses and essential workers amid the Stay-at-Home orders caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. As an essential business ourselves, we have been connecting qualified employees to essential employers in need of them. 

After Restrictions are Lifted

When government or self-imposed restrictions are lifted and your business re-opens or returns to full-capacity, if you find yourself unable to get all of your employees to return, we can work with you to create and implement a plan to fulfill your staffing needs. 

How will the re-staffing process work?

We will create a customized recruitment plan coinciding with a realistic timeline to suit your business’ employment needs. Important factors in making this plan include your projected date of re-opening, if you plan to open to partial or full capacity, and how many employees you need in which positions. The larger the number is, the further out the recruiting process will need to begin. 

At Staffing Logistics, we have received an exceptionally high number of applications from job-seekers since February. We have been collecting information on applicants, building industry-specific labor pools prepared to fulfill your business’ needs. We have a large pool of qualified workers that are ready to start whenever you are. 

Our collective experience at Staffing Logistics has given us the knowledge to be ready to overcome hurdles in a crisis such as this. Whether you need a dozen or hundreds of qualified employees, we can help you fulfill your workforce goals.

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