Top 6 Hiring Mistakes to Avoid

Even recruiters with years of experience can fall victim to hiring mistakes. Recruiting high-quality talent requires planning, organised processes and a whole lot of work.

When you’re under pressure from managers to fill a position quickly, processes can often fall by the wayside. So we’ve compiled our top mistakes to avoid this year to keep you on track with attracting and obtaining only the best talent for your company.

Not Thinking Long Term 

Not thinking long term on retaining employees may be a recruiting mistake you want to avoid. Employee retention is necessary in the success of company culture. While making sure your clients’ many demands are met, you may want to match up the quality of candidates with the quantity. See what their long term goals are: Why do they want to work for a particular company outside of the basic needs? Lack of employee retention can be quite costly as well and financially unfeasible overall.

Create an Accurate Job Description 

A good job description is more than a simple list of duties; it should describe the role in terms of its overall purpose and identify key areas of responsibility. You will less likely attract candidates that match the qualities and skills you are looking for when you do not give a full description of the role. 

Rejecting an Overqualified Candidate 

Rejecting an overqualified candidate may not always be the best decision. When you run across a candidate that exceeds all of the qualifications of a particular job, instead of immediately rejecting the recruit, be sure to negotiate terms. 

Rushing the Hiring Process

Fulfilling a clients needs with multiple job orders can inevitably cause recruiters to rush the hiring process, but you may want to reconsider this. Speeding up the hiring process can amplify hiring mistakes and the potential to overlook things.  Instead of rushing in a new recruit, usher in a freelancer or external contractor, while taking your time in the interviewing process. 

Waiting for the Perfect Candidate

You have a picture of the ideal employee in your mind, but as you wait for them to apear, you may be jeaopardizing your team’s productivity by keeping it understaffed for too long. Your team members may have to pick up the extra workload or work overtime which can affect their morale. Instead of waiting for someone who fits the role exactly, it’s usually best to hire someone who meets most of your key requiriements, who fits your corporate culture, and who has good soft skills and can pick up job specific skills once they are in place. 

Expecting too much, too soon from a new hire 

Most job postings list “teamwork skills” in their descriptions, but what does that really mean? A great employee will be able to cooperate with others, collaborate with team members to generate new ideas, and adjust his or her actions in coordination with those of everyone else. This crucial skill enables employees to work efficiently and resourcefully with one another.

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