What to do When You’re Waiting for a Job Interview

It is important to come to a job interview early and with multiple copies of your resume and cover letter. It is also key to prepare yourself mentally. On occasion, you may find that there is a line of people waiting to be interviewed. However, this is common to see at hiring events, career fairs, or open houses.

Sitting or standing in one of these lines can be an uncomfortable, nerve-racking experience, but there are four things you can do to make it a better one.

Practice, in your head, what you will say

Being prepared is perhaps the best way to go into an interview with confidence. The term “elevator speech” is what you say when an interviewer asks you a question like, “Tell me about yourself?” It will advertise your strengths, telling them about your experience and a little about yourself without getting personal. 

We recommend writing and memorizing an elevator speech before the interview day comes. Practicing your speech, in your head, not out loud, is an excellent way to boost your confidence when waiting to be interviewed. 

During this time, also think of how you will respond to other common interview questions. You can find a list of common questions and potential answers here. Don’t overthink it. Practicing in the mirror or with a friend or relative the day before is very beneficial. If practicing what you are going to say right before an interview will make you more nervous, then don’t feel pressured to do so. You want to go in with the ability to express confidence.

Tell yourself affirming thoughts

Providing others with positive affirmation makes them feel good, and saying those things to yourself does the same for you. Tell yourself phrases such as the following.

  • I am going to do great!
  • I will make a great impression!
  • I will answer their questions with confidence!
  • I will show them that I am the best person for the job!

You can say those things in your head, whisper them, or say them out loud in front of a private mirror to boost your confidence.

Practice remaining calm

Breathing exercises are a great way to stay calm under pressure. Taking deep breaths in and out usually slows down your heart rate. Some watches have breathing exercise features, but otherwise, take about seven deep breaths in and out for a single minute, and keep going as long as you want. Tell yourself “inhale,” pause, and then “exhale” as you do those actions.

Dwell on the positive

Another way to relieve the pressure is to think of things that make you happy; whether it is your favorite TV show, chocolate ice cream, or your family, dwelling on the positive will uplift your spirits and allow you to go into the interview calm and confident.

In Conclusion

Here are four examples of actions you can take to remain calm and psych yourself up for a job interview. Remember, you are going to do great! 

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